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Alfie D


Alfie Russell, also known as Alfie D, is a British DJ & music producer of house music.


Although he is focused mainly on house music now, he didn't start in this particular genre.


Alfie, 18, has been surrounded by musicians from a young age as his dad and both grandfathers played the guitar and sang, therefore, he was always destined to be musical.


At the age of 11 Alfie got a keyboard for his birthday and taught himself to play by ear, a year went on and Alfie decided to try out the guitar, which he also learned to play, but didn't pick it up quite as quickly.


Not long after, Alfie went on to Mcing to Grime beats and decided to actually record his own tracks and uploaded them to Youtube, one of his first videos "Loved & Lost" hit nearly 20,000 views! Alfie got a buzz off viewing figures and decided to keep posting music online.


When Alfie was fifteen he got the opportunity to work with producer Darren Martyn, Together they worked on a project including two tracks featuring Darren himself. This was a massive change for Alfie’s music as he went from Grime to Garage. A few month after, Alfie shot a video for his single Paradise with Director Mark Potter, Alfie received quite a following from this video.

Now 18, Alfie has gone from strength to strength with his music and now mainly focuses on production of house music as he feels most comfortable in this genre as he loves the music and he enjoys making it!.

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