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Alfie D, full name Alfie Dean Russell, born 1995 in Whitechapel, London. He has always been musical from a very young age. has gone from playing piano to guitar, from guitar to drums & then on to producing his own music, since then he has never stopped progressing through sounds to find one of his own.


Garage is where it all started for him, he made many tracks within the genre & always gave it 100% but then he heard Deep House and this was a big turner for Alfie. he was glued to it from the second he heard it.


Now a year on and he's finally found his sound and enjoys making it on a regular basis, Deep/Tech house.


The Djin side of things started about a year ago, from being a resident Dj in an Epping nightclub, to playing in Ibiza San Antonio & has never looked back


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Please note that Alfie will be in Tenerife from 02/06/2015